Vatican Launches Mobile ‘Click To Pray’ Rosary In Bid To Reach Millennials

Screengrab/Click To Pray App/YouTube


The Vatican is hoping to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, who are shirking religion more than generations before them.

Nearly everything can be done, tracked, or operated via mobile devices today, and now the Catholic Church wants to add communicating with God to that list.

According to CNN, the Vatican recently launched its “Click to Pray eRosary” — an app-driven wearable device activated by making the sign of the cross, in the way that Catholics begin praying the Rosary.

The device, which can be worn as a bracelet, offers three types of prayers: “the standard rosary, a contemplative rosary or a thematic rosary, which will be updated every year.”

It also tracks how many prayers the user has completed, CNN reported.

The Vatican is making a concerted effort to reach Millennials and Gen Z, two generations that are walking away from the Church at a greater pace then their forebears.

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