Using Solar Panels And Batteries, Tesla Restores Power To A Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico

Using solar panels and batteries, Tesla restores power to a children's hospital in Puerto Rico according to NPR. (photo credit: Tesla)

Using solar panels and batteries, Tesla has restored power to a children's hospital in Puerto Rico (San Juan's Hospital del Niño) according to NPR.

Tesla has used its solar panels and batteries to restore reliable electricity at San Juan's Hospital del Niño (Children's Hospital), in what company founder Elon Musk calls "the first of many solar+battery Tesla projects going live in Puerto Rico." The project came about after Puerto Rico was hit by two devastating and powerful hurricanes in September, and Musk reached out about Tesla helping.

The power for the children's hospital is self-generating.

The hospital's new system allows it to generate all the energy it needs, according to El Nuevo Dia. The facility has 35 permanent residents with chronic conditions; it also offers services to some 3,000 young patients, the newspaper says. As for who is paying for the power system, the head of the hospital tells Nuevo Dia that for now, it's a donation — and that after the energy crisis is over, a deal could make it permanent.