Using Photo Of A Young Joseph Stalin, Man Meets Success On Tinder


Looks can get people pretty far, and one man decides to test that theory by posing as a young Joseph Stalin on Tinder.

Joseph Stalin, the totalitarian communist whose regime was estimated to have killed upwards of 20 million people, was, in his youth, surprisingly good looking. Vice contributor Paul Schwenn used Stalin's visage for a fake profile to test how far attractiveness could get him on Tinder.

Schwenn created a Tinder profile using Joseph Stalin as an alter ego, modifying excerpts of his speeches to better fit modern dating.

He noted that his matches could be sorted into three categories: those who were clueless, those who became increasingly skeptical as they chatted, and those who were a combination of Stalinists and history experts.

Within five days, Schwenn had matched with 200 people, writing back in Russian, English, and German to lawyers, students, and tattoo artists.

He decided to meet up with one of his matches, and asked, “Why did you agree to go on a date with someone who is pretending to be Joseph Stalin?” “I thought it would be funny,” she replied. “It’s more interesting than guys who flaunt their six-packs.”

The next day, Schwenn’s profile was reported for posting offensive material and a Russian number began calling him. He deleted his account.

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Haha! It is quite funny:)

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