US Life Expectancy Drops 21-Places In Global Life Expectancy Rankings

PxHere/Public Domain

The United States fell 21 spots from 43rd to 64th place among 195 countries.

A new study published in [The Lancet]( that predicts changes in life expectancies places the United States 21 spots lower in global rankings, suggesting America will lag far behind its peers in the developed world, achieving an average lifespan of just 79.8 years by 2040.

From The Smithsonian:

> Newsweek’s Daniel Moritz-Rabson reports that the new rankings find the U.S. dropping from 43rd to 64th place. This staggering 21-spot plunge represents the largest decrease for a high-income nation and suggests that Americans born in 2040 won’t live much longer than those born in 2016. As Ed Cara notes for Gizmodo, average life expectancy in 2016 was 78.7, just 1.1 fewer years than the 2040 projection.


> The study, which was led by researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), drew on data from the 2016 Global Burden of Disease study to predict life expectancy in 195 countries and territories. Spain, formerly in fourth place, edged out Japan to nab first, while Singapore (85.4), Switzerland (85.2) and Portugal (84.5) rounded out the remaining spots in the top five.


> According to Agence France Presse, the United States’ decline sees it effectively switch places with China. Now in 39th place thanks to an average lifespan of 81.9 years, the Asian powerhouse formerly stood at a lowly 68th.

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