Uri Geller: I Will Personally Stop Brexit Using Mental Telepathy

TaylorHerring / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Illusionist Uri Geller to Theresa May: “I will stop you telepathically from doing this.”

According to the Guardian, in an open letter to prime minister Theresa May, illusionist Uri Geller has promised to stop Brexit using mental telepathy.

The Israeli-British personality said he felt “psychically and very strongly” that the majority of Britons were against Brexit. He wrote: I feel psychically and very strongly that most British people do not want Brexit. I love you very much but I will not allow you to lead Britain into Brexit. As much as I admire you, I will stop you telepathically from doing this – and believe me I am capable of executing it. Before I take this drastic course of action, I appeal to you to stop the process immediately while you still have a chance.”

Currently, Geller is in Israel. He used to live in Sonning, a part of May’s constituency. His letter notes that he has known May for 21 years, and that she has visited his home.

He continued: “Three years before you became prime minister, I predicted your victory when I showed you Winston Churchill’s spoon on my Cadillac, which I asked you to touch.”

Geller has also claimed that he’s using his mental power to guarantee that “Jeremy Corbyn never gets the keys to Number 10 Downing Street.”

“I will ensure that they bend out of all proportion to ensure that he never takes up residence there,” he said.

Geller, best known for his spoon-bending trick, rose to fame in the 1970s with his act based around his psychic powers and telepathy.