United Nation Climate Change Talks Bring Disappointing Results


In Madrid, the United Nations (UN) recently held climate talks with the hope that further regulation could be introduced, but unfortunately only brought weak commitments to emissions and delayed a decision on international carbon markets until next year, according to The Economist.

There have been countless protests around the globe as individuals become educated and aware of the global climate emergency. The Paris climate accord was signed in 2015 but has had little effect. Since then, emissions have continued to rise.

Heatwaves, fires, and rising sea levels are only a few of the effects already being felt by climate change around the globe. Furthermore, a recent assessment of global emissions stated that if current levels continue the planet's temperature will increase by almost 35 degrees in the next 10 years.

Climate change effects are being felt throughout the world and unfortunately little has been done to combat the issue by governments around the globe.

United Nation climate change talks brought disappointment as decisions were delayed.

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