UN: Climate-Change Related Disasters Are Occurring On A Weekly Basis Now


According to The Guardian, the UN has found that climate-change related disasters are now occurring on a weekly basis. Developing countries need to be prepared for the impact of these new and frequent issues.

Although some disasters draw global attention, such as the drought in India, many events are “lower impact” and do not garner such interest. These events still cause death and suffering at a very quick pace. Adapting to climate change needs to happen now, not in the future.

It is estimated that the cost of climate-related disasters will cost $520 billion a year.

UN secretary general special representative Mami Mizutori said: “This is not a lot of money [in the context of infrastructure spending], but investors have not been doing enough. Resilience needs to become a commodity that people will pay for.”

We talk about a climate emergency and a climate crisis, but if we cannot confront this [issue of adapting to the effects] we will not survive,” Mizutori said. “We need to look at the risks of not investing in resilience.”

Lower-impact disasters could be thwarted by early warnings and better infrastructure. Although this problem is especially salient in developing countries, it exists in developed countries as well. Enormous forest fires in the U.S. and a heatwave in Europe make this fact abundantly clear.

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