U.S. Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant

The woman, who was a surrogate, wound up carrying two babies with four different parents. (Image credit: Torsten Mangner/Flickr)

In a rare situation of superfetation - the occurrence of a second conception during pregnancy - U.S. surrogate Jessica Allen found herself giving birth to two babies: one belonging to another couple, and one subsequently conceived with her husband.

The pregnancy proceeded smoothly, until at six weeks, during a routine ultrasound, Allen's doctors noticed she was actually carrying two foetuses, not one.

The initial assumption was identical twins, and Allen eventually delivered the 'twins' via caesarean section; however, post delivery:

"I did notice that one was much lighter than the other," Allen told ABC News. "You know, obviously they were not identical twins."

DNA testing confirmed the second child belonged to Allen and her husband, but they did not receive immediate custody of their baby.

After a legal battle with the agency that organised the surrogacy – and which was demanding fees to relinquish the baby to his genetic parents – Allen and Jasper were finally reunited with their child, Malachi, who was then nearly three months old.

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Why, after DNA proof, were they denied custody of their own biological child and then made to pay what amounts to a ransom to get him? That's wrong. They missed valuable bonding time with their own infant. Very wrong!!