Trump WH To Counter U.S. Government’s Official Conclusions On Climate Change

Trump says government scientists are wrong about climate change.

An initiative being rolled out by the National Security Council will create a group of federal scientists tasked with reassessing recent government analyses of climate change and the impact human activity has had on it.

The senior director of the NSC, William Happer, was formerly the head of the advocacy group the CO2 Coalition which received funding from both the Mercer Family Foundation and the Charles Koch Institute. Happer is also a physicist who has continuously criticized the popular idea that carbon dioxide does significant damage to the planet. Happer believes excess carbon dioxide is good for environment.

According to The Washington Post, this idea was discussed on Friday in the White House Situation Room and would subject the group to less public disclosure than a formal advisory committee.

The scientists would be chosen from within the federal government and although not instructed “with scrutinizing recent intelligence community assessments of climate change,” will be tasked with reviewing every aspect of recent government findings.

Specifically, the group of scientists would be reviewing the National Climate Assessment, an assessment created from the work of over a dozen federal agencies and required every year by federal law. This report has highlighted the detrimental impacts of human activity on the climate and the costs of carbon emissions.

It was also reported that President Trump was upset that his administration had released the recent report. Congressional Democrats have also used the report to support their demand for cutting carbon emissions through the Green New Deal.

This move by the Trump Administration also falls in line with the president’s practice of doubting climate scientists about the changing environment. Trump has also chosen many members of his administration who publicly deny climate change.