Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Claims Some State Laws Label The Bible As Hate Speech

RWW News: Paula White Says Christians Will Be Held Accountable For Not Voting For Trump
RWW News: Paula White Says Christians Will Be Held Accountable For Not Voting For Trump Right Wing Watch reports ...


Paula White said some states already classify the Bible as hate speech. This is wholly untrue.

President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Paula White, is concerned about the Bible being labeled as hate speech, according to Friendly Atheist.

White reportedly told fellow televangelist Jim Bakker that unless Christians back Trump in the next election, her worst fears will be realized.

Trump must be re-elected in order to continue the Republican Party’s lifetime appointments of conservative judges, White argued, saying those judges will be necessary to keep the Bible safe.

She warned that even if conservative Christians dislike the president personally, “you’re going to have a make a decision that won’t be just held accountable here for how things turn out for you, your children, your grandchildren, but you’re going to have to stand accountable before God one day.”

“If we can change the Supreme Court,” White went on, “you don’t think all Hell is trembling right now?”

And then she claimed that some states already have laws on the books classifying the Bible as hate speech: “They have already passed legislation in states that says the Bible is a book of hate speech. It is only a matter of time. Those laws are already passed.”

White’s attempt to sell progressives and Democrats as wanting to take away religious freedom has no basis in reality, as Friendly Atheist noted that no state laws cast the Bible in such a light.

Still, White’s “logic” is smart, considering there are voters deluded enough to fall for it: “That’s not a bad strategic argument to make to people who don’t give a damn about human rights, the threat of climate change, or a functioning democracy.”

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It's amazing how many liars are out and visible now. Satan is the father of the lie. Paula White knows that and still she lies . Seems she is a false prophet.

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