Trump is making the coronavirus crisis worse than anyone could have imagined

Dan Broadbent

Trump is mulling sending people back to work while quarantining entire cities. He's the biggest threat we're facing.

I got dragged hard last week for saying daily coronavirus deaths would reach 500 today, and 1000 next week. As of right now, there are 515 deaths today (with ~quarter of the day left to go).

Like I've been saying, this is about to get wild. Buckle up, buckaroos.

I don't say things like this to create fear, I say these things because they are factually accurate statements based on available data and statistics. It's reality. You don't have to like it and can get mad at me for saying it, but it doesn't make it not true.

A yyyuge reason COVID-9 will hit the US so much worse than anywhere else is due to Trump's ongoing failure as a leader. He set the CDC and NIH up for failure by slashing funding (in particular research for zoonotic diseases), and firing the pandemic response chief. Trump's catastrophic failure to manage the #coronavirusoutbreak is an ongoing feature. He is, quite literally, leaving states to fend for themselves and compete against each other for already scarce resources.

The fact that healthcare workers are wearing trash bags as gowns and the idea has been floated that diapers might be able to be used as masks would be laughable if it wasn't criminally predictable.

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We needed a nationwide lockdown weeks ago. But now, Trump is blathering about a quarantine on "hot spots" like NYC, which is actually worse than useless. People will now flood out of "quarantined" areas and into the "safe" areas, infecting those people.

And who will enforce the quarantine? You? Me?

Trump either doesn't realize or doesn't care that law enforcement is already struggling. 11% of the NYPD has called off sick. So who will enforce the quarantine? The (not-currently-mobilized) military?

And when we see test results, that's a snapshot of what was happening about 2 weeks ago. We have 123k confirmed cases right now, which means there were 123k+ cases circulating in the public ~2 weeks ago.


If tests are available (my MD and RN friends all say that they are *not* widely available), it won't be surprising to see 250k to 300k cases by this Wednesday, and 1000+ daily deaths (this is how exponential growth works).

Again, I'm not trying to incite fear. Mentally prepare yourselves. This is reality. This is what is going to happen.

The Trump administration has done the country an enormous disservice with their unrelenting bungling and incessantly contradictory messaging. Trump didn't create the virus, but he is responsible for the federal government's response to it. He has consistently gone out of his way to ignore, mislead, confuse, and demonstrate unprecedented complacency when faced with a crisis.

TLDR - The sooner people understand they need to #staythefuckathome, the fewer deaths we'll see, and the sooner we can start the process of getting back to normal life.

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