Trump EPA Official Wore Disguise To Help Her Daughter Pass Driver Exam

Cathy Stepp and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

A senior Trump EPA official wore a disguise to help her daughter pass her driving examination.

Newly appointed Midwest EPA chief Cathy Stepp (who lacks any educational credentials past high school) attempted to break the ice with her new subordinates by using her 23-year-old daughter to recount a family story about how she finally passed her driver examination.

“I failed my first driving test,” Hannah told Chicago Inc., repeating a story that she acknowledges she told the packed room of her mother’s staff Jan. 11. “My mom said, ‘You’re not going to fail it again!’" She put on a disguise of a fake nose and sunglasses and went to the DMV and followed someone taking the driving portion of the test so that she could learn the route, and then we practiced it,” Hannah continued. “I didn’t fail the second time!”

Stepp was working for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at the time of this stunt. Some who listened to their boss's daughter retelling of the story were not amused by what they had just heard.

“It was baffling,” said one staffer who witnessed the speech but spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not permitted to talk to the media. “For a public official’s daughter to admit that in front of her entire staff? It’s unethical … and then, did she help put someone unsafe on the roads?”

Aside from Stepp's question ethics as a parent, she is apparently a flunkie for big polluters.

The Trump appointee’s history of rolling back enforcement of antipollution laws, reducing funding for scientific research and scrubbing references to human-caused climate change from government websites during her time in Wisconsin state government had put her new employees on edge.

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I've come to realize that there is no picture of Scott Walker in which he looks like an intelligent human being.


Don't you just love a good "feel-good story"?