Trump Considers Rollback of Safety Precautions At Nation’s Nuclear Power Plants


Experts have said this could lead to a nuclear disaster similar to Chernobyl.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has recommended a rollback of inspections in order to save money. Industry representatives think there should be a move towards more “self-assessments,” limited public disclosures for “lower-level” problems at plants, and lightening the “burden of radiation-protection and emergency-preparedness inspections” according to Common Dreams.

The NRC believes that the rollback “improves efficiency while still helping to ensure reasonable assurance of adequate protection to the public.”

One NRC member, Jeff Baran, said that the agency “shouldn’t perform fewer inspections or weaken its safety oversight to save money."

Democrats from the House Appropriations and Energy and Commerce committees also said that they were concerned about the loosening safety standards in a letter to NRC Chairwoman Kristine Svinicki.

They wrote: “To ensure nuclear power provides safe, reliable, emissions-free energy, it is imperative for the NRC to uphold strong regulatory standards. That is why we are disturbed by the consideration of these far-reaching changes to the NRC's regulatory regime without first actively conducting robust public outreach and engagement. It would be a mistake to attempt to make nuclear power more cost competitive by weakening NRC's vital safety oversight. Cutting corners on such critical safety measures may eventually lead to a disaster that could be detrimental to the future of the domestic nuclear industry.”

Some fear that rollbacks could lead to a disaster similar to Chernobyl.

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Michael Mann
Michael Mann

Finally someone is putting some common sense into the regulations, all methods of generation should be required to meet the same requirements, it is ridiculous that solar, wind and fossil fueled generation actually do emit more radiation and contamination to the environment than nuclear power plants are allowed to emit by regulations. If the basis for the regulations was really about safety, then other methods of generation would not be exempted. We need to have reasonable regulations which are not based on fear, but rather are based in science and prudence.

Michael Mann
Michael Mann

Regulations which restrict nuclear generation have the unwanted outcome of increasing fossil fuel use, actually raising the levels of pollution, contamination and greenhouse gas emissions in our environment!

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