The Trump campaign has threatened to sue a number of television stations for airing an ad that accuses the president of treating the pandemic like a hoax, according to Mediaite. The Trump campaign claims the ad is defamatory.

The advertisement juxtaposes images from the front lines of the pandemic with audio cuts of Trump dismissing the pandemic’s carnage. Currently, the ad runs on TV’s in Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to The Hill.

The group behind the advertisement, Priorities USA, have dismissed the lawsuit as an attempt by the President to bury any perceived criticism of his. A Washington Post analysis notes that Trump’s ‘hoax’ remark was not aimed at the pandemic itself, but at institutions he believed were politicizing it.

Regardless, Trump has treated the pandemic like a hoax since it surfaced in the United States more than two months ago.

President Trump was givenmultiple briefings about the nature of the pandemic, and its deadliness. Instead of pushing the organs of government to act, he chose to ignore the crisis that was brewing. Even today, as infections surge, the President is calling on Americans to celebrate Easter in packed churches, conditions that will likely increase infections and death. The president is doing as little as possible to contain the pandemic and some have even suggested that he is trying to profit from it.

And, to think of it, how ironic is it that President Trump would sue anyone for defamation?

Here is a man who said President Obama was born in Kenya, claimedTed Cruz’s father murdered JFK, said Obama and Hillary Clinton founded ISIS, and regularly accuses his enemies of being part of the deep state.

In any event, his lawsuit has almost no likelihood of succeeding due to first Amendment protections that Trump would almost surely love to destroy.

What this lawsuit shows is that the president is terrified of the truth, because for liars, the truth is kryptonite.

So, let’s see this lawsuit for what it is; it is an attempt by a sitting president to intimidate those who speak harsh truths about him in public. For these reasons alone, his lawsuit should be dismissed with prejudice.