This cute kitty is living her best life with 3D printed titanium limbs

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Meet Dymka, a Siberian cat who can now walk on her own again after getting 3D printed titanium implants!

In 2018, a good samaritan found Dymka (Russian for "mist"), a stray cat who was suffering from severe frostbite. Sergei Gorshkov, who runs a veterinary clinic in Novokuznetsk, determined that the frostbite was so severe that Dymka had to have her tail, both ears, and all of her paws amputated.

But thanks to scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University, she's able to walk again.

The team implanted the artificial limbs after doing CT scans, connecting the rods right to her bones using calcium phosphate on the ends to minimize the risk of infection.

The team at TPU made this statement:

The BEST Clinic has been closely cooperating with TPU specialists for many years. A research team of associate Prof. Sergei Tverdokhlebov, the TPU Weinberg Research Center, developed calcium phosphate coatings for veterinary implants. These coatings have already been used in prosthetics for cats and dogs.

Due to frostbite, Dymka from Novokuznetsk lost all her paws, ears and tail. After amputation of the limbs, she was brought to Novosibirsk to give her new “paws”. Before, the BEST clinic has performed a similar operation on the cat Ryzhiy (Ginger). It was the first case of mounting prostheses on all four paws. Thus, Dymka became the second cat in the world with prostheses of all four limbs. The cat’s new front and rear paws have an individual model that was printed using titanium on a 3D printer.To reduce the risk of implant rejection by the cat’s body, the TPU scientists applied a microactive calcium phosphate coating through micro-arc oxidation.The external parts of the prosthesis are also printed on a 3D printer and made in the shape of cat’s paws.

The prosthetic care was carried out in two stages. It has been seven months since the operations. Now the cat leads a full-on life: she walks, runs, plays, and successfully overcomes stairs.


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