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According to Time, a U.K. startup has created an app which is the new "Tinder" for cows. The app, called Tudder, allows farmers to find breeding matches for their cows by looking at pictures of other cattle that include details of their age, owner, and location. If users swipe right and show that they’re interested in the cow, they will hear a mooing sound. Users swipe left to reject matches.

Designer of the app, Hectare, says it “seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates.” Using social media to sell animals can speed up a long breeding and transportation process.

“Tudder is a new swipe-led matchmaking app, helping farm animals across the U.K. find breeding partners in the quest for moo love,” according to the Apple app store description.

If a farmer swipes right on a cow, they’re directed to a livestock-buying website where they can contact the owner or make an offer.

One farmer in south west Wales, Marcus Lampard, says it’s much easier to sell his livestock online. “Going to market is a nuisance,” he said. “If I go to an open market with a bull, and then maybe bring it back, it shuts everything down on the farm for at least two weeks.’’

Hectare has raised over 3 million pounds (or $3.9 million) from investors including Richard Kock, tennis player Andy Murray, and government programs. Now a third of U.K. farms use Hectare’s platforms to trade livestock and cereals.

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