The science division of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) officially has no more employeesfollowing the division’s last three departures this week according to CBS News. The three remaining employees were from the Obama administration.

Unlike the current administration, President Obama was highly committed to scientific research.

President Donald Trump has expressed both skepticism and ignorance of such nationally important topics such as climate change, economics, vaccines (Trump is an anti-vaxxer) and appears easily confused by the minutiae and granularity that goes into such expansively complex topics.

The former employees of the science office praised President Obama’s commitment to the sciences and the process of discovery.

Kumar Garg, a former staffer of OSTP’s science division, said the growth of the science division under President Obama reflected his “strong belief in science, the growing intersection of science and technology in a range of policy issues, and as showcased in the OSTP exit memo, in a sweeping range of [science and technology] accomplishments by the Obama science team.”

One of President Obama’s signature accomplishments, the Paris Climate Treaty, President Trump withdrew from.

He claimed that the Obama administration had negotiated a “bad deal” for the United States. His withdrawal from the Paris Treaty was not surprising, however.

President Trump doesn’t believe there is a connection between human activity and global warming. The President has claimed that global warming was invented by the Chinese as a “hoax” for the purpose of blunting America’s business competitiveness.