The US is on pace to top 1000 coronavirus deaths per day by next week


Dan Broadbent

The US is on pace to top 1000 coronavirus deaths per day by next week.

I said that yesterday, we'd break 200 daily deaths.

We had 225.

We will likely see 500 deaths a day this weekend. We will likely see 1000 a day next week.

Some of you have argued that there's no way this will happen. Some of you talk about the statistics, how they're calculated, etc. Some of you, I think, are currently in denial and/or don't understand how exponential growth works.

Experts are predicting that the death rate will peak in about 3.5 weeks. Given the current trend, that puts us at around 50,000 deaths each day in a month.

Fifty thousand deaths a day. That is not a typo.


This is not fear mongering - you can do the math here. The death rate doubles about every 3 days. 3.5 weeks is roughly 8 cycles of doubling. So, take yesterday's total of 225, double it 8 times over, and you get 57,600 deaths a day. And this is just using current data, before our hospitals become overwhelmed with patients and, like in Italy, doctors are forced to make the horrible decision of who should live and who will die.

I am very serious when I say that you need to mentally prepare yourselves for this. We are going to lose hundreds of thousands of people as we continue to play quarantine over the next couple months. I will be shocked if fewer than 250,000 people aren't dead from this once all the waves (because this will come in multiple waves) die down.

I'm not saying this to try to scare you. I'm saying this because you're a grown adult and I shouldn't have to sugarcoat reality for you. Not liking reality doesn't change the fact that it's happening.

You are probably going to lose someone you know. A friend. A relative. And you won't be able to go to their funeral. Just like in Spain, ice rinks will be made into temporary morgues here in the US because there will simply be too many dead bodies to process.

You need to get ready now, so that the pain of being confined to your home for 2 months) or more) and losing people you love (whom you haven't seen in person in weeks, because you're being responsible and staying the fuck at home) doesn't sting as terribly as it will. Be honest with yourself. Have conversations with a loved one about this. Figure out who your support system is and how you can help support someone else. And if you don't think you can be a support for someone else, that's totally okay. Your own mental health comes before the mental health of others.

This is a direct consequence of the Trump administration's (continued) failure to provide any semblance of leadership throughout this crisis. It really started a couple years ago when Trump fired the individual in charge of pandemic response. It continued when Trump slashed the budget of the CDC and NIH. It continued when zero preparation went into a response to this multiple months ago. It continued when meant GOPers (some who now have the virus) called it a "democratic hoax". It continues since Trump has failed to procure proper PPE for our healthcare workers to keep them from getting sick and spreading the virus themselves. And it continues even today, since Trump is suggesting that he will lift restrictions and send people back to work next week.

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