The Trump Administration Attacks Foundation Of Science, Peer Review

The Trump Admin attempted to prevent a State Department senior intelligence analyst from discussing climate change.

The Trump Administration attempted to prevent Rod Schoonover, a State Department Senior Intelligence Analyst, from defending climate change in a congressional testimony.

Although Schoonover was eventually allowed to verbally testify, his written testimony was recorded into the permanent Congressional record, according to an article from The New York Times.

Daniel Q. Greenwood, a deputy assistant to the president in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs asserted that censorship of Schoonover’s testimony was due to its misalignment with the Trump Administration’s position on climate change.

“The testimony still has serious concerns with internal components and focuses heavily on the science. Because it doesn’t reflect the coordinated IC [intelligence community] position, or the administration’s position, there is no way this can be cleared ahead of the hearing,” Greenwood said.

Prior to the congressional testimony, the National Security Council sought to edit the article. Notes on original testimony were made by William Happer, a physicist and White House Adviser on a council that denies climate change.

“This is not objective testimony at all. It includes lots of climate alarm propaganda that is not science at all. I am embarrassed to have this go out on behalf of the executive branch of the Federal Government,” Harper wrote in his comments on a draft of the written testimony.

The Trump Administration sought to censor the voice of a government official that defends climate change and was unsuccessful in preventing his verbal testimony but was successful in censoring Schoonover’s written testimony.

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