The Homeless Received A 3-Course Meal On Day Of Stephen Hawking’s Funeral

Lwp Kommunikáció/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

The guests raised their glasses in honor of the late physicist before enjoying his gift of Easter lunch.

Fifty homeless individuals in Cambridge received a three-course Easter meal on the day of Stephen Hawking's funeral, courtesy of the cosmologist himself.

According to the Evening Standard, the final gesture took place at Wesley Methodist Church and included a note that read, "Today's lunch is a gift from Stephen".

It came as hundreds of mourners, led by actor Eddie Redmayne, gathered in the city to celebrate professor Hawking's life at his funeral on the same day.

The scientist's daughter Lucy Hawking contacted the charity, Food Cycle Cambridge, to tell them the family planned to make a donation so that people would be sitting down for a "hot meal on Stephen" while the funeral took place, the charity said.

The meal's organizers said guests cheered and raised their glasses to Hawking before enjoying the scientist's thoughtful parting gift.

Though the amount of the donation was not provided, a Food Cycle spokesperson said it would reach far beyond the Easter meal served Saturday.

"We're really honoured to have been involved, and touched that Professor Hawking's family thought of FoodCycle.

"Our volunteers do an absolutely amazing job 52 weeks of the year, supporting their local community - and not just in Cambridge, but across the UK."