Teacher Who Donates Most Of His Salary To Students Named World's Best Teacher

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Peter Tabichi, a science teacher from Kenya, was awarded $1 million for his commitment to education.

Kenyan science teacher Peter Tabichi, 36, a math and physics teacher at Keriko secondary school in Kenya's Rift Valley, was awarded the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, an award meant to honor the world's best educator. Tabichi, who donates a majority of his salary to students, will also receive a $1 million as part of this reward.

"Peter has dedicated his life to helping others," reads a statement on the Global Teacher Prize website.

"He gives 80% of his teaching salary to local community projects, including education, sustainable agriculture and peace-building. He’s changed the lives of his students in many ways, including the introduction of science clubs and the promotion of peace between different ethnic groups and religions."

According to The Guardian, Tabichi has been at the forefront of promoting better education in his region, where approximately 90 percent of his students are classified as low income.

Tabichi is also responsible for launching a "talent nurturing club" and promoting the school science club. His efforts, which include one-on-one tutoring, have helped enrollment in the school double to 400 students in just three years.

“I am only here because of what my students have achieved. This prize gives them a chance," Tabichi said after receiving the award. "It tells the world that they can do anything.”

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