Study: Losers More Likely To Believe In Conspiracy Theories

A recent study asserts that losers are more likely to be in conspiracy theories according to PsyPost. (Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes)

A rcent study asserts that losers are more likely to be in conspiracy theories according to PsyPost.

“My coauthor, Joseph Parent, came to me with the idea of studying conspiracy theories,” said Joseph E. Uscinski of the University of Miami. “When we got into it, there had been little systematic analysis of why people believed conspiracy theories, and what the consequences of those beliefs were. I have remained interested in the topic because it is a fun one to study most importantly, but also because it is so relevant to our current politics.”The researchers used a survey of 1,230 Americans, conducted before and after the 2012 presidential election, to examine why some people believed widespread fraud had swung the outcome. Before the election, 62 percent of the participants said they believed that if their preferred candidate lost, voter fraud would be involved. But that percentage dropped down to 39 percent after the election. The drop was largely correlated with partisanship. Because Obama won, Democrats were less likely to believe in fraud while Republicans became more likely to believe that dirty tricks were involved. “Conspiracy theories are for losers,” Uscinski told PsyPost. “People who are on the outside, people who lost, people who lack control, tend to believe in conspiracy theories.”

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I think his explanation of the causation of conspiracy theories of useful, but I didn't agree with some of the things that he branded conspiracy theories. Is it a conspiracy theory that Russia helped the Trump campaign? Is it a conspiracy theory that natural resources were the biggest motivator for Iraq? I wouldn't compare those to President Obama birtherism nonsense.


Define 'Conspiracy Theory'. The conspiracy theory that claims that on 9/11, twelve incompetent Saudis with box cutters managed to hijack 4 passenger planes, fly around for almost 2 hrs before breaching the most secure air space on the planet, crash those planes into targets that the gov't already regarded as likely targets, and then trigger 3 miracles in one day - three symmetrical, perfectly elegant collapses of the most rugged steel structures ever built?
That conspiracy theory? Or the theory that the gov't, itching to impose a state of emergency and to justify decades of war in the most resource rich parts of the planet?