Study: 1/4 of young adults not back to 'normal' weeks after COVID-19 infection


"Young people should not expect to bounce right back after a COVID-19 infection."

Reddit user u/InvictusJoker posted:

“Young people should not expect to bounce right back after a COVID-19 infection -- a new study finds that about a quarter of young adults were still not back to their normal health weeks after contracting the infection, even if they had no medical conditions and were not hospitalized.”

  • Commenter u/pupo4, who worked on lung injury research, noted that the lung takes about a year to recover from viral-induced damage.
  • Reddit user u/Lupicia replied that their recovery from H1N1 involved six or seven years of abnormal lung behavior: any pressure on their chest made them cough, and any cold that traveled to the lungs took longer to recover from. The virus took ten days to recover from, but their lungs remained finicky, and still are, though this lasting symptom may be psychosomatic.
  • User u/heathernaomi32 described their 35-year-old husband who exercises and eats a clean diet. He was very ill for 7 days, and it took 2 months until he could slowly begin running and lifting again because of the pain it caused to his chest. Only swine flu made him feel more ill than this. 

Commenter u/noplay12 mentions that most young people have not grasped the severity of the illness, and its capacity to affect organs beyond just the lungs. u/pupo4 replied that SARS1 is mostly just lung damage and it’s used as a model of lung injury. However, SARS-CoV2 has a big vascular/endothelial cell component. It causes endothelial dysfunction.


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