Melania Declares That Social Media Is ‘Harmful When Used Incorrectly’

The first lady need look no further than the Oval Office for one of the most egregious cyberbullying offenders.

Social media can be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly, first lady Melania Trump said Monday in a speech on cyberbullying but it appears her husband still has not taken her message to heart.

Just an hour after Melania expounded on the dangers of social media misuse at cyberbullying prevention summit, President Donald Trump launched a fresh Twitter attack, this time on former CIA Director John Brennan, and he continued criticism by tweet each day since.

From The Independent:

> The first lady said her "Be Best" campaign would focus on teaching children how to "conduct themselves safely and in a positive manner in an online setting".


> "Lets face it," Ms Trump added, "most children are more aware of the benefits and pitfalls of social media than some adults."

Melania has been criticized on numerous occasions for the blatant disconnect between her campaign against online abuse and her husbands near-constant habit of attacking others on Twitter.

> Responding to similar critiques on Monday, a spokeswoman for Ms Trump said the first lady was aware of the criticism, but that it "will not deter her from doing what she feels is right".


> "The President is proud of her commitment to children and encourages her in all that she does," spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham added.

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