Scientists Have Developed A Bionic Eye That Could Give Sight To Blind People

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The synthetic eye, which still needs to undergo further trials, is also being considered for robotics applications.

According to BGR, a team of scientists from the US and Hong Kong has built a “bionic eye” that mimics a human eye in shape and function.

  • The new prototype could one day be used to restore vision in blind individuals.
  • The synthetic eye, referred to as a “biomimetic eye” by the research team, has sensors that mimic the photoreceptors found in a human eye. It consists of a “hemispherical artificial retina and an array of sensors that capture and relay a live image,” wrote BGR.
  • The eye’s ability to render images is not fully developed, and in its current state “it produces a low-resolution image that is capable of rendering letters of the alphabet but more complicated images will require a higher density of sensors,” BGR continued.

However, the project has many challenges due to the complexity of the human eye.

  • The way that eyes communicate with the brain means that implanting it is not going to be simple, and BGR wrote that “getting a device to interface with the human brain is a huge hurdle.”
  • In addition, it was difficult for the researchers to fit the technology into a spherical shape, and testing the device on a living creature will present its own complications.

The researchers are already setting up both animal and human trials, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

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