Scientists Create ‘Time Machine’ Using Quantum Computer

A quantum computer processor.Pete Linforth/Pixabay/Pixabay License

The breakthrough study could change our understanding of the universe.

In a breakthrough study, scientists have reversed time using a quantum computer. The preliminary results seem to suggest that our understanding of basic laws of physics and rules of the universe could be flawed. According to The Independent, the "researchers were able to turn back time in an experiment that is the equivalent of causing a broken rack of pool balls to go back into place. Anyone watching the computer would see the event as if time had turned backwards.”

Dr. Gordey Lesovik of the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT) led the study published by Scientific Reports in collaboration with colleagues from the U.S. and Switzerland. "We have artificially created a state that evolves in a direction opposite to that of the thermodynamic arrow of time," he said.

The researchers did so by using a rudimentary quantum computer comprised of electron "qubits," or units of information that hold values of a "one," a “zero,” or a mixed “superposition” of both. They launched an “evolution program” to cause the qubits to chaotically change their original values. But the team then modified the state of the quantum computer to successfully rewind the cubits to their original states. With two qubits, they successfully "reversed time" 85 percent of the time, and the success rate dropped to 50 percent with three qubits.

The fascinating experiment challenges one of our fundamental rules of the universe—the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy, or chaos, can’t decrease over time within a closed system.

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