Scientists Are Developing Artificial Blood That Can Be Used For All Blood Types

William James

Japanese researchers are attempting to develop artificial blood for all blood types.

Japanese researchers recently announced the development of artificial blood that can be transfused regardless of a patient's blood type. This artificial blood can have a profound effect on the chance of surviving for seriously injured people, according to Asahi.

The artificial blood created by these researchers was tested and proven effective on rabbits in experiments conducted at the National Defense Medical College. 10 rabbits suffering from serious blood loss had the artificial blood transfused and 6 survived, a survival rate similar to that amongst rabbits treated with real blood.

The use of this artificial blood can streamline the process of patient blood transfusion by eliminating the need for identifying blood type. The blood types of patients must be confirmed before they can receive transfusions. As a result, emergency medical technicians (EMT) and health care workers are prohibited from transfusing blood in ambulances.

Without the formality of blood type screening, injured patients can be treated before they arrive at the hospital, resulting in a higher survival rate.

The team’s findings were published in the U.S. journal Transfusion.

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