Scientists Announce Burst Of Radio Signals Coming From Far-Off Galaxy

Pixabay/Public Domain

In British Columbia, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment recently spotted repeating radio bursts coming from deep space, according to the Independent. While the amount of energy coming from the flashes alone, energy that would normally take the sun 12 months to produce, was significant, scientists were interested in the fact that the flashes repeated.

Following only one case of repeating flashes before, the scientists witnessed these flashes to repeat six times and all from the same location.

“Until now, there was only one known repeating FRB. Knowing that there is another suggests that there could be more out there. And with more repeaters and more sources available for study, we may be able to understand these cosmic puzzles—where they’re from and what causes them,” -Ingrid Stairs, member of the CHIME team

The science community believes that this discovery offers an opportunity to learn more about the environment which the flashes might be coming from. The source of these flashes are so far based on speculation, having the potential to be exploding stars or “mysterious technology that some claim alien civilisations could be launching them into space with.”


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