Scientist Predicts Someone Alive Today Will Live For 1,000 Years

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A community of researchers believe that advances in biotechnology could create a real “fountain of youth.”

Expert in regenerative medicine Aubrey de Grey said he thinks that people alive today will be able to live to be 1,000 years old, thanks to rapid advances in biotechnology.

“It’s extraordinary to me that it’s such an incendiary claim,” de Grey said according to The Week. Grey belongs to a camp of Silicon Valley researchers determined to find ways allowing humans to live for as long as possible.

A Korean doctor named Joon Yun agrees with de Grey's prediction and is even offering two $500,000 prize for scientists who discover a way to expand an animal's lifespan by 50 percent through cardiovascular health. To Yun, living to 1,000 is a matter of basic math. Because the 20-year-olds have a mortality rate of one in a thousand, being able to maintain a healthy 20-year-old physique indefinitely would allow a person to live to the age of 1,000.

Many scientists share similar ambitions to de Grey and Yun, The Week reports. Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey takes 100 daily dietary supplements and plans to inject stem cells into his body to keep his joints and organs youthful.

But the larger scientific community remains skeptical about de Grey's claim. And many are concerned that the Silicon Valley approach to disruptive innovation has a myriad of ethical dilemmas when applied to human longevity, like the inevitable class of ultra-wealthy who can afford the theoretical key to virtual immortality.

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