Robots Made Famous By ‘Black Mirror’ To Be Made Commercially Available As Guards

The four-legged robots will be released this summer for private surveillance use.

Quadrupedal robots from robotics company Boston Dynamics served as the inspiration for the killer “dogs” from season four, episode five of "Black Mirror.” Now, TechCrunch reports, Boston Dynamics plans to release a version of its SpotMini four-legged robot designed specifically to roam and guard office spaces.

Founder and CEO of the company Marc Raibert announced at this week's annual TC Sessions: Robotics conference that Boston Dynamics is planning to start production of about 100 models in July or August. The four-legged robots are still being tested and redesigned, he said. Details related to pricing will be available this summer.

Improvements made to the Spotmini include functional redesigns, "skins" that offer better protection, and cameras on the front, both sides, and back to allow it to see in all directions. It also features an arm and a hand on top of its body that allows the robot to be versatile in its functions.

Raibert hopes that his product will become the "Android of robots" (or "Android of androids," TechCrunch notes) and that developers can eventually create their own apps for the robot to run.

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