Report: People Are Increasingly Distrustful Of Scientific Fact And Theory

35% of respondents were suspicious of science—a 3% uptick from last year.

A new report examining attitudes towards science around the globe found that people are becoming increasingly skeptical of the subject. 3M's 2019 State of Science Index sampled responses from 14,000 people in 14 different countries. 35% of respondents reported that they’re skeptical of science—an increase of 3% since 2018. About a third of the Americans sampled say they're suspicious of the role of science in the next 20 years, compared to the global average of about one quarter. The report speculates that these figures are so high because 45% only believe in science that agrees with personal beliefs, such as religion.

But people are far less skeptical in some areas than others. 87% expressed excitement for the future of medical science, and 71% responded positively to the possibility of space tourism. Nonetheless, 3M also reported that immediate human connection is far more desirable than technology: 74% of people preferred the possibility of having a human assistant over having a robot, and 87% valued gaining five new friends over gaining 5,000 new followers.

According to Fortune, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg recently predicted that our relationship with technology will grow increasingly more intimate, and with it, our perceptions of technology would turn more favorable.

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