Psychologist: Trump's Pre-Dementia Appears To Be Growing Worse

Trump’s two-hour CPAC speech and “Tim Apple” mishap are signs of cognitive decline, according to Dr. John Gartner.

Psychologist Dr. John Gartner raised concerns about President Trump's present cognitive abilities during an interview on the David Pakman show.

"If you managed to catch his two-hour CPAC speech, he was openly rambling,” the psychologist and founder of Duty To Warn, an organization that advocates for medical professionals to communities of potential dangers, said in an interview on the David Pakman Show. “It just didn't make sense. It sounded like the wild gyrations and meandering thought disorder of somebody that really has something cognitively wrong with them.

“And now, actually, we are seeing a flagrant thought disorder in the form of this gross cognitive deterioration and still people are normalizing it.” Gartner cited Trump’s misstep in addressing Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” in his CPAC speech as the latest sign of Trump’s worsening cognitive slippage.

Gartner explained that he disagreed with theories that Trump suffers from dyslexia or other forms of stable learning disorders. “The reason to suspect cognitive pre-dementia is because we're seeing cognitive decline from his earlier baseline. If you look at video tapes of him in the 1980's, he's quite articulate.”

Despite footage showing the president mispronouncing the Apple CEO’s name, Trump has labeled reports of his slip-up as fake news. “I think he goes back and forth between simply lying and actually living in a fantasy world," Gartner said.

Watch the full interview here.