Photographer Finds 120-Year-Old Cat Photos from Film in Time Capsule

(Photo: Mathieu Stern, via


French photographer develops images that were in his family basement since 1900.

Time capsules are a treasured tradition designed to connect the present society to historical pasts.

  • For thousands of years, capsules have manifested as planned, physical objects that have historically significant objects or records, or even unintentional preservations.
  • Time capsules maintain a sense of mystery, adventure, and discovering about these lost treasures.

(Photo: Mathieu Stern, via

French photographer, filmmaker, and YouTuber Mathieu Stern discovered a time capsule in the basement of his old family home.

  • The antique box dated to 1900, containing items belonging to a young girl, including a paper doll, coins, a compass, a sea shell, and a letter.
  • The box held two glass plate negatives, which Stern then developed using cyanotype, an old photographic printing method.
  • The images revealed the pets of the girl, including a cat whose memory will not be forgotten.

To see how Stern developed these old images, watch the full video.


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