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The new efficacy rate of 91.3 percent is lower than the 95 percent originally reported in November. This new data included participants that had been vaccinated for 6 months. Furthermore, the data showed a 100 percent efficacy against the South African variant, B1351. However, the number of participants that responded well to the South African variant was relatively small at only 800.

Pfizer’s Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla said the updated study, will allow the company to submit the vaccine for full regulatory approval.

The trial data “provide the first clinical results that a vaccine can effectively protect against currently circulating variants, a critical factor to reach herd immunity and end this pandemic for the global population,” Ugur Sahin, chief executive officer at BioNTech, said.

The CDC has the vaccine listed as 100 percent effective in preventing severe disease while the FDA has the vaccine at 95.3 percent effective in preventing severe disease. The new data represented individuals across all ages, races, genders, and ethnicities.

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