Pentagon Interested In High-Tech Contact Lenses That Deliver Information

Etan J. Tal / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

The DoD is reportedly eyeing contact lens technology that gives wearers enhanced vision and field information.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of the Department of Defense, has reportedly expressed interested in a model of augmented vision contact lenses which would allow troops to acquire key information in the field without a bulky power source, according to Task & Purpose.

The lens, developed by French engineering school IMT Atlantique, will enhance vision and provide field information in real time -- a possibility explored in popular action films like Mission Impossible. Unlike previous models, the lens will include a micro-battery capable of powering the device for a number of hours.

The technology was initially developed for the medical and automotive industries, but it has attracted the attention of the military and of Microsoft, which has been tasked with providing augmented reality devices to the US Army.

DARPA has been actively funding augmented vision projects for more than a decade now. A number of devices have been developed since then, but they have failed to achieve the “supervision” the military is interested in. Tech giants including Google, Sony, and Samsung, have also stepped up their efforts to develop augmented reality technology in recent years.