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Owls are just cats who can fly, apparently.

Owls are cats of the air. It's science.

I guess. Kind of.

Okay, not really. But I couldn't help but share this video that redditor u/unnaturalorder posted of an owl who appears to believe it's a kitty cat. And as a connoisseur of cats, I am legally obligated to love all cat-like beings.

Redditor u/jenax noted the word for owl in Chinese is "maotouying", which literally translates as "cat-headed hawk", so I guess it has to be true that owls are just weird-looking cats who fly.

In Chinese, owl is 猫头鹰 (maotouying) which literally translates to cat-head hawk.

Other Redditors gave other interesting examples of literal translations:

Chinese, like German, has no shortage of excellent animal names. Cat-head hawk, dragon shrimp, stink weasel, pocket rat, fire chicken...

EDIT: I'm sorry to have to break the news, but "business goose" isn't an accurate character-by-character interpretation of the Chinese word for "penguin". The word is 企鹅 -- while the second character should indeed be taken to mean "goose", the first one has several potential meanings depending on the word it happens to appear in. It can mean "standing upright" or "on tiptoe". It can mean "expect" or "hope for". It can mean "plan for" or "initiate". It also appears in the word 企业, which means "enterprise" or "business", but the "business" part of that sense is associated with the other character 业. It's far more reasonable that the character 企 refers to the posture of the penguin as compared to other similarly-sized carnivorous birds.


dragon shrimp = lobster

stink weasel = skunk

pocket rat = kangaroo

fire chicken = turkey

[via u/striped_frog]

And of course, users inquired as to how good of an idea it was to own an owl as a pet, because of course we all want to have an owl as a pet now.

So BRB, finding an owl who wants to be my new pet, I guess? 😃

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