Orphaned Elephant Returns To Sanctuary To Show Keeper Her First Calf

Pexels/ Public Domain


An elephant reintroduced to the wild after being raised in an orphanage returned to give birth to her first calf.

According to The Times, 13-year old elephant Loijuk has returned to the sanctuary where she was raised prior to being released into the wild to give birth to her first calf, Lili, and show her to Benjamin Kyalo, the keeper who bottle fed her.

Loijuk spent the formative years of her life at the Ithumba Reintegration Centre in Kenya preparing to live independently after she was orphaned at five months old, found in a dried-out swamp in northern Kenya.

The elephant was primarily cared for by Kyalo, who has worked for around 15 years at the centre, helping raise multitudes of orphaned elephants, mostly as a result of poaching.

Loijuk and Lili were welcomed by the trumpets of the sanctuary’s other elephants, and this latest feel-good story shows the unbreakable, meaningful bond formed between animals and their keepers.

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