New York Introduces Its Own Net-Neutrality Bill To Protect Its Citizen

Backbone Campaign/Flickr

ISPs that disregard net neutrality principles would be ineligible for contracts with various state and local entities.

Following the Federal Communications Commission vote to repeal net neutrality rules, New York is considering legislation that would require state government, agencies, and local governments to business only with internet service providers who follow net neutrality principles.

Democratic State Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, who authored the measure, listed the blocking or slowing down of access to legal content, paid prioritization, and "fast lanes" as deal breakers for ISPs to work with covered public service entities.

“If you are going to be a contractor and want to work with New York, then you must meet the principles,” Fahy tells Fast Company. She hopes that this approach will get around a roadblock known as preemption. The Constitution generally gives the federal government final authority over commercial activities that cross state lines. But while New York can’t require ISPs to uphold net neutrality, it can use its “power of the purse” to punish ISPs that don’t.