New Antibiotic Development Struggles To Combat Superbugs


Companies that are attempting to develop new drugs that can effectively combat antibiotic-resistant superbugs are failing, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The newly approved antibiotics are struggling with sales as doctors prescribe the drugs rarely. The older antibiotics are cheaper and patients are only required to take the drugs for 1-2 weeks.

Multiple companies have filed for bankruptcy as they struggle to sell new antibiotic drugs. Melinta Therapeutics Inc. filed for bankruptcy in December after they reported slowed sales growth and high costs.

Investors have been following pharmaceutical companies since the government has started funding. Since 2010, the US government has contributed over $1 billion to drug development. Furthermore, a law in 2012 made it easier for drugs to win regulatory approval and gain patents.

The new developers of these antibiotics know that they will not rake in the same gains that previous antibiotics had which helped lead to the drug-resistant nature of some bacteria. Doctors are now aware that the overuse of antibiotics helps contribute to resistance from bacteria.

Antibiotic developers are struggling to create new drugs that are effective against antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

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