Men Are Outraged After ‘Tinder’ Introduces Height Verification

Courtesy of Tinder


Now, people will know if your 6’2 is really 5’11.

Announced just two days before April Fools' Day, Tinder's new "Height Verification Badge" (HVB) is no joke. (Unfortunately, it was)

With the release of the new feature, users will "no longer be able to lie about their height," causing outrage in some male users, Newshub reports.

Users would first enter their "true, accurate height" into the app along with a photo of themselves next to a commercial building. The app's algorithm would use the photo to verify their height and give each user a verification badge visible on their profile.

Tinder said that they have had the algorithms for HVB for years, but hoped that its user base would be truthful enough to not warrant implementing it, but it looks like they were too optimistic.

"It's come to our attention that most of you 5'10ers out there are actually 5'6," the company said. "The charade must stop."

Height is a common desirable trait for men in the dating world, so instances in which men add a couple inches to their height happen frequently. But some men feel personally attacked by the idea that they must be completely truthful about their height, demanding that Tinder implement "weight verification" for women so that they feel similarly targeted.

"Just add a weight verification as well for the ladies who love to show those old pics!," one user tweeted.

Another particularly upset user tweeted, "So body-shaming is OK now? Can’t weight for you to weed-out fat women with silicone tits, tattooed eyebrows, fake tan and dyed hair!"

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