Matthew Whitaker’s Firm Claimed That Bigfoot’s DNA Was Found In 2013

Screengrab / World Patent Marketing / Vimeo

World Patent Marketing, which counted the acting attorney general as an advisory board member, claimed Bigfoot is real.

Following his appointment as acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker faces increased scrutiny over his career before joining the Trump administration — and one element of his work history in particular.

Whitaker sat on the advisory board of a company that has been accused of scamming people out of thousands of dollars while making unrealistic promises that their inventions would become big sellers.

Some of the products were truly bizarre, but among the more ordinary items marketed by World Patent Marketing was a plush Sasquatch doll; however, in the promotional video for the item, the company made an extraordinary claim: that Bigfoot is real.


> Whitaker appeared in some promotional videos for World Patent Marketing, including for a hot tub product, but also used his name as a former U.S. Attorney and Republican candidate for United States Senate to bolster the company's stranger items.

> For example, a promotional video from the company claimed "DNA evidence collected in 2013 proves that Bigfoot does exist" to help sell Sasquatch dolls and a celebrity event called "You Have Been Squatched!"

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