Maryland Company Claims To Have Developed Cure For HIV, AIDS

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The company says it has a single-dose gene therapy that can eliminate HIV and plans to start human trials in January.

American Gene Technologies in Rockville, Maryland, has submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration for a gene therapy it claims will cure HIV, according to a local news report.

CBS Baltimore said the company claims lab tests show that the single-dose therapy has a “high potential” to be effective and expects to begin clinical trials with humans in January.

The company said its “therapy, AGT103-T, is a genetically-modified product made from a person’s own cells that focuses on repairing damage to the immune system caused by HIV.”

“Our aim is to treat HIV disease with an innovative cell and gene therapy that reconstitutes immunity to HIV and will control virus growth in the absence of antiretroviral drugs,” said the company’s chief science officer, C. David Pauza.

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Bullshit. How many times have we heard companies claim this? You need to be in stage 2 human trials before making such an irresponsible claim


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