Large ISPs Set To Raise Rates Following Repeal Of Net-Neutrality

Screengrab/TYT Nation/YouTube

In each case, services will not change but prices will increase.

Three major internet service providers have announced rate hikes for the coming year, with Comcast, Cox, and Frontier Communications all revealing their plans in the immediate aftermath of the Federal Communications Commission vote to repeal net neutrality rules.

In all cases, these are increases for essentially the same services, with [Karl] Bode [of DSLReports] noting that American will be stuck paying ‘significantly more money for the same service in the new year’. In many cases, the changes are padded into existing bills, with most consumers failing to see the changes.

  • Comcast will raise rates across all of its services, including cable and internet.
  • Cox is upping prices for internet packages.
  • Frontier Communications is adding a ‘Internet Infrastructure Surcharge’ to most accounts.