Kitty Cats and Yoga Mats at the Land O’Lakes Library


A black cat named Karma delighted attendees with love and affection at "Kitty Cats and Yoga Mats" for National Cat Day.

Kitty Cats and Yoga Mats at the Land O’Lakes Library was recently held and for the 30 people signing up in advance, they couldn't have been happier. Many others were turned away because there wasn’t enough room, said Jordan Miltner, social media library associate.

“I don’t do yoga. I’m here for the cats,” said Taylor McKenzie after a black cat named Karma curled up in her lap.

Eight felines came from the shelter. Along with Karma, there was Hannah, Barb, Brady, Justice, Madam Tamale and a couple others with no names.

The event was held in honor of National Cat Day to bring attention to the organizations and get cats adopted. It was a collaboration between Pasco County Libraries and Pasco County Animal Services.

“It’s a good way to get exposure,” said Rachel Stever, education and outreach coordinator for Pasco County Animal Services.

With the success of this event, more will be planned.

The average shelter stay is eight days, Conover said, “Some are there for an hour, some for a year.”

“This is the best partnership we have,” Stever said. “It gives a secondary base to work with and helps us to reach more people. And it’s just really fun for the community."

Last year, some 3,000 cats were adopted, 6,500 animals total, Conover said, noting that the shelter had a “save rate of 90 percent.”

The goal is for all the pets to find forever homes or at least be fostered for a time to help improve their socialization. The only way to do that is to get out the word.

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