Israeli Firm Develops Cancer Treatment With 100% Tumor Shrinkage Rate

Screengrab/Alpha Tau/YouTube


Alpha DaRT technology allows radiation treatment to attack the tumor without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

A new cancer treatment developed by Israeli firm Alpha Tau Medical has shown extraordinary success in targeting and shrinking cancerous tumors while allowing the surrounding healthy tissue to survive.

The treatment, called Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Treatment), “uses, for the first time, alpha radiation for solid tumor treatment” in a way that is tolerable to the body, Interesting Engineering reported.

Cancer treatments commonly used today are not well-tolerated by the human body, but Alpha DaRT appears to break the mold.

The treatment “uses the radioactive decay of an isotope called radium-224 to power the spread of alpha particles across entire tumors,” making Alpha DaRT a “powerful cancer-killing agent with minimum side effects.”

One recent study showed that the treatment successfully minimized the tumors in 100 percent of cases, while obliterating them altogether in 78 percent of cases.

More trials of this highly promising treatment are underway in Israel, Canada, Japan, Russia, Italy and in the United States.

Alpha DaRT was the brainchild of Tel Aviv University professors Itzhak Kelson and Yona Keisari, the publication noted, and CEO Uzi Sofer later founded Alpha Tau in 2016.

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