Inspired By ‘Star Wars,’ Scientists Create Artificial Skin That Can Feel

Screengrab / South China Morning Post / YouTube


Inspired by ‘Star Wars,’ Singapore researchers developed ‘electronic skin’ capable of sensing touch.

Singapore researchers created artificial skin that can recreate a sense of touch, an innovation that may allow people with prosthetic limbs to detect objects, feel texture, sense temperature, and pain, according to Reuters

  • The scientists at the National University of Singapore said the invention can process information faster than the human nervous system.
  • The electronic skin can recognize over 20 different textures and can read Braille with over 90 percent accuracy.
  • AI algorithms help the device learn quickly, according to research team leader Benjamin Tee. “...humans need to slide to feel texture, but in this case the skin, with just a single touch, is able to detect textures of different roughness.”
  • The technology was inspired by the scene from “Star Wars” in which Luke Skywalker lost his right hand and it was replaced by a robotic one that could experience touch sensations.
  • The skin is still in an experimental phase, but the medical community has expressed “tremendous interest,” according to Tee.

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