In 2016, Stanford Researchers Found A Correlation Between Honesty And Profanity

Pexel / PUblic Domain

Researchers found that a higher rate of profanity was correlated with a higher rate of honesty.

In a 2016 paper titled: “Frankly, We Do Give a Damn: The Relationship Between Profanity and Honesty” Stanford researchers found a correlation between honesty and profanity. The researchers write, “We found a consistent positive relationship between profanity and honesty; profanity was associated with less lying and deception at the individual level and with higher integrity at the society level.”

The researchers came to their conclusions after analyzing profanity’s relation to honesty in three separate studies. The two were first examined with profanity behavior and lying on a scale in the lab, and then with an analysis of social interactions on Facebook. The final study sorted profanity and integrity indexes for the aggregate level of states in the U.S.

The study found that both on an individual and on a societal level, a higher rate of profanity use was correlated with more honesty.

Read the study here.