Human Neurons Found To Be More Powerful Than Previously Thought


Human neurons have been discovered to be more adept at performing complex calculations than previously assumed.

The recent discovery that human neurons are actually far more powerful has equally as powerful implications for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence seeks to mimic the different information processing operations that the human brain undergoes. Discovering a new fact of brain function through neurons, allows for artificial intelligence to now mimic those same processes.

Neurons were first assumed to be able to only undertake simple calculations, but it turns out they can take on logical calculations on their own. Neurons are located in the human cortex. The layers of the brain with neurons are also much thicker than those same layers in the brains of animals.

This density in neurons, more specifically in the second and third layer of the brain, is thought to be one of the major distinctions between the human brain and the brain of other species.

The discovery was made by examining surgically removed chunks of brain from patients with brain tumors and epilepsy.

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