Hello Skynet! Robots May Soon Control Our Nuclear Weapons

Pixabay/ Public Domain


American military experts propose having Artificial Intelligence control nuclear weapon arsenals.

According to The Bulletin, U.S. military experts believe it is time for a new command and control system for the nuclear arsenal, and that artificial intelligence is the solution.

Curtis McGiffin and Adam Lowther, authors of the article proposing this new system, stated that, “[I]t may be necessary to develop a system based on artificial intelligence, with predetermined response decisions, that detects, decides, and directs strategic forces with such speed that the attack-time compression challenge does not place the United States in an impossible position.”

Several concerns have arisen regarding this controversial proposition, including the risk of automation bias and the removal of the human aspect in nuclear decision making. Artificial intelligence also relies on in depth algorithms with massive datasets, and as nuclear war has not occurred, creation and implementation of such an algorithm would be risky.

Taking human emotion and intelligence out of the equation may lead to an accidental launch, resulting in the worst possible scenario: all-out nuclear war.

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