Genetically Edited Designer Babies May Be Only Two Years Away


One expert stated that genetically edited "designer" babies start being created.

Dr. Kevin Smith, a researcher at Abertay University in Dundee, released a new analysis that the risk involved with gene editing is low enough to use on human embryos, according to Sky News.

The analysis stated that producing genetically-modified people could be within reach in the next couple of years. Smith stated that this possibility would allow scientists to eliminate diseases and improve the quality of life in the elderly.

Gene editing is the process of adding, changing or removing an organism's DNA. The procedure poses a serious ethical concern. Certain individuals believe that it is too much power and worry about certain changes in traveling across generations.

"The human germline is by no means perfect, with evolution having furnished us with rather minimal protection from diseases that tend to strike in our later years, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia. GM techniques offer the prospect of protecting future people against these and other common disorders. This has previously been achieved to an extent in GM experiments on animals," Dr. Smith said.

The world's first genetically-modified baby was born in China the last year in the attempt to develop HIV immunity in the infant. Production of more genetically modified humans could be in the near future.

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